Antoine Bauchet is a product designer based in Shanghai Paris.

He loves tangible things, practical gadgets and well-thought interactions. Aims to make everyone's life a bit easier.

Co-founder of a creative collective named L’essaim, gathering several talented freelancers working together to empower people’s products and ideas. He advocates complementarity as a mighty value.

Co-runs Originate Capital, a trade finance startup based in Hong Kong, and spent two years directing the design district from Shanghai, China. He is now a shareholder of the company and manage the product and communication department from abroad.



Shareholder & Head of Design

2019 — present


Co-founder & UX designer freelance

2017 — present

Lead designer freelance

2017 — 2018

UX/UI designer freelance


Jr. Art director

2014 — 2016


Art Director in Creation and Digital Design - Interaction Design Major

Master degree

Digital Transformation
Digital Innovation for Business

Digital Business Strategy Certificates


Product Management

Combining UX expertise, productivity skills and curiosity for the creation of better products from start to end: discover → define → develop → deliver.

User Research and Strategy

Adding value to the development and management processes with the aptitude to build platforms based on in-depth user experience research.

User Experience

Using the ability to step in one's shoes to gather needs and create genuine user journeys in order to sketch answers and challenge them.

User Interface

Crafting efficient interfaces that can be used.

Press & Exhibitions

Interactive installation

october/november 2015

Ad recognition for Nissan


Photo reportage - VIVANTS



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Using Aestetico Font and Abstract Font from Latinotype.